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Thread: question regarding labby betting system

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    Default question regarding labby betting system

    I understand the concept of creating lines. For a 10 better the starting line would be


    We are going to chase a three game series.b The first game is -170, the second game is -180 and so also is the last game.

    This is the situation

    If the first bet wins then the next bet on next series is going to win 5

    2nd game

    if the first bet loses then the line will change to 5 - 5- 5-17
    the next bet would be to win 22, so would lay 39.60

    if this bet wins, then the bet for the next series is to win 10

    3rd game

    With the loss the line should be 5-5-5-17-39.60

    here is where i need help understanding

    so is it correct to say the last bet would be to win 44.60, which means to lay 81.
    now if this wins then does the next bet in a new series start out with winning 22 or 17 plus 5. if this is the case it would seem very hard to close out the line since you would have to get on a roll of winning two bets in a row. if this was not done, then the number to the right would continue to increase and increase until you hit some limit.

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    Another system for losing your money, imo.

    Maybe someone more familiar with these things can answer your question.

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    any type of chase system will make you go bust as vol stated above (vol check your e-mail, need to talk to you). This one looks like a system where you are taking big favorites to win one of your three game series. If you win one game o the three game series you win 5$. There is about a 96% chance of you winning one of your games at around -200 odds. ( I am being general, although my math could be way off, but do not think so.) Thus there is about a 4% chance you lose one of the three games.

    .96 * 5 -.04* 130 = 4.8-5.2 = -.04 Where the .96 and.04 are percentages. The 5 is what you win 96% of the time and the 130 is what you would lose at -200 odds about 4% of the time.

    ultimately at a very general level you are losing about four cents for every dollar you wager. There is no science or math that says this system works, actually quite the opposite. The reason why touts can pass this off to a gambler is because 1. they can state huge winning percentages and 2. because it really does cut down on your losses on series of bets, but that does not mean it will not cost you money, alot of money down the line.

    If you can win at a 55% rate than you can use the above system and make money, but you would already be making money using a flat betting system with a lot less risk, and it is not like you would make more money with this system.

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